Review Services

  • Control of the books that are legally obligatory, from the perspectives of entry procedures and affirmation, within the framework of the Tax Procedure Law and Turkish Commercial Code,
  • Control of;

– Accuracy of the accruals,

– Consistency with the accounting records,

– Arithmetic and proportional accuracy,

– Timely and complete payment, of the Value Added Tax, Withholding Tax, Stamp Duty Returns and Social Security Premium declarations of the company,

  • Examination of the personnel payrolls through sampling, and their control in terms of accounting;

– Arithmetical accuracy of computation from gross pay to net pay,

– Deductions being proportional to the amounts stated in the laws,

– Correct recording of wage accruals.

  • Control of the outgoing invoices, which are prepared by the company, through sampling in terms of;

– Adequacy,

– Arithmetical accuracy,

– Proper recording.

  • Control of the income and expense accounts and their accruals through sampling, taking into consideration the: – proper filing of the documents;

– Legal terms,

– Content.

  • Control of the conformity of the chart of accounts being used with the General Statements of Accounting Practices;
  • Control, through sampling, other asset and liability accounts within the framework of the accounting principles and taking into consideration their;

– Consistency,

– Completeness.