EMRA / POA / CMB / Insurance Audit, IFRS Independent Audit, Special Purpose Audit, Forensic Audit, VAT Refund, Tax Consultancy, Full Certification, Accounting, Financial Analysis, Company Establishment, Merger, Liquidation, Business Process Analysis, Management Consulting, Business Consulting, Information Management, Document Management, Data Analytics, Big Data Analysis and other services…

MED GROUP has client portfolio around 150+ clients active in various sectors.

The customer profile includes a large variety of sectors including international companies with foreign partners, construction, educational services, finance and insurance, hotel and tourism, human and social services, industrial, information, management of companies and enterprises, manufacturing, mining, quarrying and energy, professional, scientific and technical services, real estate, rental leasing, public companies, food sector, sports clubs, logistics, textiles, service organizations, associations, foundations, consulates and commerce chambers.