Management Structure


PhD, Physics (Dr.)

Data Analyst

Professional Experience and Features

– He was born in 1976 in Bursa.

– Graduated from Gazi University Physics Department in 1999.

– In 2002, he got his master’s degree from Uludağ University with his graduation thesis on “PIN Photodiodes in High Energy Physics”. He received his PhD from Uludağ University in 2008 with his graduation thesis on “The Effect of Radiation Damage on High Energy Silicon Detectors”.

– As a high-energy physicist, he has spent more than five years of creative research on Monte Carlo tools to develop detector simulation analyzes and personally working abroad for nearly four years.

– Alongside these activities related to programming and statistics, he has recently improved his knowledge and experiences after having some MOOC (eg DataCamp, Coursera, LinkedIn).

– In order to gain impression and impact in the relevant field, some of his activities including various sample projects developed for machine learning, predictive modeling, survey analysis, NLP and data visualizations have been shared on GitHub platform.

– Since 2020, he has been working as a Data Analyst in the Information Management Department of our MED GROUP companies.

– He speaks advanced English and elementary level Italian and French.


– Gazi University Physics Department, 1999

– Uludağ University Physics Department, dissertation on “PIN Photodiodes in High Energy Physics”, Master Degree, 2002

– Uludağ University, dissertation on “The Effect of Radiation Damage on High Energy Silicon Detectors, PhD, 2008


– Turkish (native)

– English (fluent)

– Italian (elementary)

– French (elementary)